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To-Love-Ru Beyond Infinity: cover by brotherbandit To-Love-Ru Beyond Infinity: cover :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0 To-Love-Ru Beyond Infinity: Astroboy in orbit by brotherbandit To-Love-Ru Beyond Infinity: Astroboy in orbit :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0 To-Love-Ru Beyond infinity: Astroboy at warp by brotherbandit To-Love-Ru Beyond infinity: Astroboy at warp :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 35
Update from Engineering
Stardate 1359.20
Hi, it’s Lala!
As of today, I am taking over as Chief Engineer.
Tearju-sensei did such an excellent work! She took care of this ship throughout the entire journey. Even when we faced down trouble, she kept the Astroboy operating at top form. She deserves a warm thank you from all of us onboard.
From now on, she is going to be our new science officer. On our journey through the cosmos, she will be our guide to all the strange and amazing life forms we encounter out there. Her expertise is in astrobiology, which will be crucial on the next leg of our journey. We have three more weeks to explore our neighboring stars. It will be so much fun to visit these strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations. Maybe we could extend our benevolence to these lifeforms and fold them into our galactic empire.
But first, we are going to visit my home planet.
I’m so excited! It’s been over a year since I left Deviluke, and I
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 34
Mikan’s Diary 5
Stardate 1359.15
Everything’s back to normal…or as normal as you can be when you’re traveling through space faster than the speed of light.
Today, I had so much fun playing with Celine. After my check up with Dr. Mikado, I went to visit Momo’s garden. As soon as I walk in, she popped out from whatever flower bed she was playing in. The little rascal tackled into me and knocked me to the ground. Then, she just ran away, laughing and taunting at me. Well, I just couldn’t let her go like that, she had to be punished!
So, I chased after her.
We played tag together, running all around the top deck. She darted in and out of the sick bay wards, peeking out and blowing raspberries at me. I pretended to be offended and tried to catch her. But of course, Celine was much faster than me, and she darted away before I could even get close.
Then she got into the turbo-lift. The sliding doors closed and she disappeared before I could get to her. She
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
Mature content
To-Love-Ru Beyond infinity: Chapter 33 :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To-Love-Ru Beyond infinity: Chapter 32
Rito’s Brief update
Stardate: 1359.08
I’m currently in the lower deck. Here, there’s a panoramic viewscreen, giving me an unobstructed view of space. I haven’t turned on the lights, so everything’s pitch dark, except for the see of stars before me. The planet Mistletoe still looms below us. It’s surface features are covered by bright yellow clouds. Off to the distance is the parent star which was nearing the end of its life as a main sequence yellow star.
At least, that’s what Lunatique-sensei tells me. She is very knowledgeable about planets and life on other planets. While she is the current chief engineer, her strength remains in what the people on Earth would call Astrobiology…the study of life in space.
She tells me the reason why Mistletoe is so full of exotic plant-like life-forms. Near the end of a normal star and before it swells into a red giant, this star is many times more luminous than our own sun. The extra rays seem to favo
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
Mature content
To Love Ru Beyond infinity: Chapter 31 :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
Mature content
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 30 :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
Adewale and Mami at sea by brotherbandit Adewale and Mami at sea :iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 2 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 29
Zastin’s report
Stardate: 1358.12
We found him!
We had been searching for Captain Rito for half a day. Ker-Chek and I combed through the wreckage, hoping to find him within the mangled ruins. We had no idea if he was still alive; we had hoped to at least recover his body. However, even that hope was fleeting as we overturned the pieces of debris. While many of the Farengis did survive, some were never recovered in time. It was quite depressing to find their bodies floating in the vacuum of space. Yet still, our captain was nowhere to be found.
Then, Princess Lala contacted us in our shuttle. It seemed that Tearju Lunatiqu from Engineering had submitted her recounting of the events in the last day and a half. She had been conducting eyewitness testimonies and gathering various other onboard recordings.
When we heard the report from Lunatique-san, it became abundantly clear that Rito was nowhere near our search parameters. Included in the report was some crucial information about t
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 28
Deep Space Love
Captain’s Log
Stardate 1358.11
Hi everyone, it’s Lala here again.
I’ve been reading the report submitted by Tearju Lunatique-san. Things had veered off so much from our plans for bringing the girls home. Yui, Mio, and Risa have all been safely rescued, but our captain is still missing. I have sent Zastin and Ker-Chek back out to search for Rito-kun, but so far they haven’t found anything yet. Miraculously, some of the Farengi crew have survived the destruction of their ship. It was fortunate for them, that we found them before they could suffocate from the vacuum of space. They are now in one of our chambers being treated by Mikado-sensei while also guarded by Momo and Nana.
Thank you, Tearju-sensei for compiling this report for me. With this, we were able to piece together what had happened. What had made things spin out of control? Long story short, the Astroboy’s delay was what made the Lunatique vulnerable. In that critical period, our
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 27
Comprehensive Account from Engineering
Stardate 1358.10
This is Tearju Lunatique
I have finalized my report on the events that occured in the last 34 hours. Here I present to you a chronological summary of what transpired.
Around stardate 1357.04, the Starship Astroboy was attacked by a Farengi frigate thatthree days prior had abducted our friends, Risa Yui and Mio. Holding the girls hostage. Their commander, Pock sent an ultimatum to our ship, demanding that we send Princess Lala to them to bring to their leader, the grand Nagus. They gave us an to decide whether to comply with their demands, or allow our friends to be sold into slavery. Knowing the Farengi culture and their treatment of their own women, I can guess the nature of service in which these girls would provide. I also suspect that a similar fate would befall our princess if we had agreed to their demand.
(Un)fortunately for us, our captain, Rito came up with a third solution, and offered himself to our assailants. He reaso
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 26
Zastin’s Testimony
Recorded on Stardate 1358.01
I don’t know how they found us, but they did.
When I detected another ship arrivng, I initially thought it was you. However, it soon became apparent that this new vessel didn’t come from Vulcan.
Fearing the worst, I raised up the shields, and just in time. The Farengis showed up, looming above our little ship and filling up the whole viewscreen. They immediately open fire with their their photon torpedoes.
I recall the scene from the bridge vividly. As soon as the torpedoes hit, our consoles exploded in a shower of sparks. Meanwhile, the ship rocked violently, and I was thrown to the ground. I still remember seeing Rito standing despite all the punishment inflicted on our vessel. Even amidst all the chaos, he was still maintaining control of the situation.
“Damaged report Zastin-san!” he called out.
“Shield’s holding, but barely,” I said, getting back up. “A couple of more blasts like
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru: Beyind Infinity, Chapter 25
From the Video Diaries of Golden Darkness
Stardate 1358.03
I discovered Sister Tearju’s recording devices minutes after we had gone to warp. I was aware of their purpose, and I have kept their recordings. I have disabled their transmission capabilities, because there were some material that I didn’t want my sister to know about.
With that said, I will submit a copy of that recording to the starship archive. Here are the recordings from 22 hours earlier today.
[Transmission start: Recorded on Stardate 1358.00]
[The Lunatique arrives at the predetermined warp point, but the starship Astroboy is nowhere to be seen.]
Rito: Zastin-san, scan the area for signs of our ship.
Zastin: Yes sir.
[Scans area]
Zastin: I’m not detecting anyone in our immediate proximity. They probably haven’t reached here yet.
Rito: *sighs*[gets up from the steps] Where are we?
Zastin: We are currently orbiting a Class L planet approximately five l
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0
To Love Ru Beyond Infinity Chapter 24
Mio’s Testimony
Recorded on Stardate 1358.04
I’m don’t remember what happened before that nice man appeared and shared his mind with me. When he touched my face, he opened my mind to this other world of sounds, and I was hearing this beautiful melody. It was filling up in my mind!
When it faded, I found myself alone with him, this tall austere man with those strange eyebrows and that almost serine complexion. I heard someone speaking, behind him, and I watched him he tilt his head slightly to listen.  I had never met a guy that was so handsome. *sigh*
Oh? What happened next? Well, I do remember being helped to my feet by him and then being led through some purple light, and suddenly I was in a dark forest with him. Together, we waited for the others to show up. The first to appear was my friends Risa and Yui. Then there came this little girl with long frizzy hair. I think she was Rito-san’s sister, right?
The moment she appeared, the purple circle turned op
:iconbrotherbandit:brotherbandit 1 0

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Who would have thought that such a simple color scheme (black & white) could have such complexity. Yet, this artwork belies the fact th...


I don't like jumping onto the bandwagon because the crowd does. Asking questions is important in poking holes into over inflated ideas as too many people get swept up in the torrent of passion.
In many ways, society IS the bigger issue. It's all well and good that you don't want to raise the next generation. Of course it's up to you if you want to contribute to society or not. It's so much better to let others carry that burden while you just warm your hands to their fire. You've had other carry your burden all your life, and you just couldn't be bothered to carry others' burdens as well.
I get that. You couldn't care less.
So why don't you just stay in your own hole, while the rest of us actually work to make sure your life doesn't suck, to make sure that you have even the luxury of staying in your hole.
Enjoy your happy life.



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